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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

My Craftster's.org Flaker's list.

After much hymming and hawing, I have decided to post 8 craftster's member's who have not honoured swaps with me. You can read the thread here:


All of the following member's have recieved a package from me confirmed with a DC#

Sporkx71- recieved 09/31/05
Calli- recieved 09/28/05
BlackMarketBaby-recieved 06/06/06
Redstar13- recieved 05/06/06
Cattledog- recieved 03/31/06
Velour- recieved acknowledge me by email
Jeph is god- Confirmed by DC# , but has disapeared
girlofdashboard- recieved 05/23/06

Sadly another flaker to add:
mamofsugarbaby has flaked on metamurph
streetpunkgirl77 has flaked on PunkyBrat

I am only doing this as a warning to other swapper's as to who they may wish to avoid in swaps if they visit craftsters.


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