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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Serenity Eye Pillow

I've been making these for some time now. The picture sucks, but they are very nice and work great. Each pillow measures 9x4x1 inches. They are filled with flaxseeds provided by "Serenity Farms" (hence the name) that is right here in my home town. To use simply heat in the microwave and place over eyes to relieve tension, headaches and migranes. May also be use as a cold pack by placing it in a ziplock and then in the freezer. The nice thing about flaxseeds is they don't smell after a few uses, like rice tends to do. As an added bonus, you get one minute of heat for each second in the microwave.

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I'll have some of my crafts up there for sale soon. Happy crafting, d Posted by Picasa

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